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February 7, , by Reilly O'Neal. A standard screening tool used to assess stroke risk underestimates the likelihood of stroke for HIV-positive gay and...

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I have been with my husband for 5 years.

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Is this cheating? Should I tell him?

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Gay Smokes And Drinks While Stroking His Tool
  • Jack got into the playoff by making up a three-stroke deficit in the last five Arnold Palmer hands his club...
  • People who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender LGBT include...
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Jose Bello: It would be interesting if you made a video about my home country Germany. From what I can tell, money and race are the most important factors when it comes to dating in Germany. But very interesting to see, that the old problem of shy men and arrogant women is the same througout the world ;)

Gr8 Guy: Girls would like to show their social activities, their travel pictures, but they should be showing off their bodies and their fashion style.

Willa Bema: Plus, don't get in a fight with romanian womans!

Alabama1700: What about Dutch guys they r tall af lol

Ester Santos: Omg the comment section makes me mad. I'm Canadian and all i can say is not all of us girls/Woman are rude yes we can have an aditude but once you meet us and get to know us were very nice people. I hate how everyone says negative shit about Canadians like stop please. Everyone is different no one is the same.

Alkhazred1: Besides, if you go to Compton or somewhere like Boyle Heights.the scene is way different compared to the houses with neat picket fences that were shown in this video. It showed a decent display of what LA can be like but not what LA is ACTUALLY like in my opinion.

Crow LaZe: Perfect, but from what I see in other countries our men are still

Marina Angeli: Do Polish next!

Abc 007: LIAAAAARS! She is NOT colombian and there aren't any real characteristics or behaviours of colombians girls : I feel sorry for the audience, and it proves the unprofessionalism of your channel

Varv Hodgson: What a ridiculously handsome man!

Jixà Xæx: WARNING: Extreme racist hate comments down below. Scroll down at your own risk!

Gabi Teixeira: Brasil pisa mores

Iana Brum: Us Filipinos very much live by actions speak louder than words! :)

Jack Borland: Next time greek man

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  1. When 2 adults get drunk and have sex and don't know any better, what do you call that?

  2. Wish you'd quit referring to skeptics as anti-feminism. I'm against third wave feminism and so are many skeptics. We are not against all feminists!

  3. I hate it when people say oh, so you burn bras? , or oh, so you like butch girls?

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