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Johnny Rapid is a powerful looking bear with fur all over his muscular, hard body; he is into weight lifting and kick boxing in a big way. He is...

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He groans with pleasure, mixed with a slight pain, but finds the pain quickly goes away, and he is just full of animal lust. He has just woken up naked and he is not in his own room. James and Johnny Rapid. Once again, Connor Maguire says he is straight and that he must have stumbled into his room by mistake.

Connor Maguire is so excited he does as he is told and slowly sits on his first hard dick. He leans with his back on the wall, and closes his eyes, as Johnny squats down in front of him and takes his cock into his mouth.

Stroking on his hard cock, Connor Maguire bounces up and down on the invading dick and feels it deep inside him, getting faster and faster all the time.

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Gay Hunks Connor Maguire And Johnny Rapid

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